Back in The World

•January 23, 2011 • 1 Comment

I served in RVN from 7/69 to 8/71 mostly as a company clerk having been sidetracked from my primary MOS of 67N20, helicopter mechanic.  I suppose things work out as they do for a reason and although I had a boring but privileged job, I did get to fly quite a bit filling in for crewmembers as I was allowed.  In fact, clerking was so boring I used to volunteer for CQ and bunker guard duty, as well.

When the Cav. colors went home, I was transfered up to HHC, 10th Cbt. Avn. Bn., 1st Avn. Bd., at Dong Ba Thin on Cam Rahn Bay.  We flew our “birds” up along the coast and I saw the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen!  The Cam Rahn Bay AO was like a resort area.  Hobie Cats and water skiing were quite popular, a little different than floating down drainage ditches during the Monsoons in Phuoc Vinh! From the beaches facing the ocean I developed a love for the undersea world that would lead me, eventually, to several SCUBA certifications and marine studies.  Our company XO was a young 1LT who taught me how to fly a Bell Jet Ranger.  A really good guy.

Qualifying for an early-out, I left the army in August of 1971 through Ft. Lewis, Washington, returning to Southern California to go on to college, get married, divorced, etc.

I now live in Northern California and will probably be here for the duration.